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All U.S. phone numbers have 10 digits—3 for the area code usually written in parentheses, and seven for the number, written with 3 digits, a hyphen and then 4 digits: (919) 848-3063.

When you call a local number in Raleigh from another Raleigh phone line, you do not need to use the area code. You do not need to dial 0 first as in some European countries. 

When you phone another state, you dial 1 for the United States, followed by the 3-digit area code, followed by the seven-digit main number. You can find area codes in the phone books. Catch the Fire and the School of Revival's Office Number is (919) 848-3063.


The major companies for cell phone service here in Raleigh are Verizon Wireless and AT&T. Stores for either company are located all over Raleigh: in the Crabtree Mall and in Brier Creek, to name a few.

You can bring your own cell phone, sign up with a service provider such as AT&T (formerly Cingular) and get a SIM card in the USA and have a local phone number. Your phone has to be unlocked to use it. If a SIM card from another network doesn’t work in your phone or if it asks for a code, it is locked. You can request your phone’s code from the phone’s provider before you leave your country.

Many international students choose to go with a prepaid cellular phone option and purchase prepaid minutes on a card each month. Both the phones, and pre-paid minutes cards may be purchased from Wal-Mart or Target.

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